AI Technical Analysis

AI Technical Analysis with Alex Trading Support comprehends 1-year access to an educational program for investors in the stock market unique in the investment industry.

    What small investors have to say

    Guaranteed return on investment for those investing 5% of their time only to several millions of dollars investing in companies like Amazon, Netflix, or Netapp.



    • learn how do trade in the markets on your own;
    • perfect for part-time investors;
    • perfect for any account size;
    • perfect for investors without any experience;
    • valid for any financial asset: stocks, ETF's, forex, cryptocurrencies; 
    • for mid to long-term investors;
    • an insight worth forever regardless of market conditions;
    • 100% FREE included in some special AI bundles.

    What do you get

    • The newly revised version of the famous course on Real-time Technical Analysis (RTA);
    • Introduction to Algorithm Trading;
    • Comprehensive Risk Analysis using TA;
    • A portfolio to invest in;
    • Investment lessons recorded live addressing the most important global leading companies like Tesla, Facebook and many more;
    • 100% accurate AI trade alerts on video including full instructions.

      Why take the course?

      • running on the world's best e-learning platform 
      • the author is a market legend
      • simplicity
      • based on real investing scenarios addressed by the author today!
      • the only course in the industry that's proven to work - everything else is ordinary.

      What does it include?

      • Real-time market call demonstrating 100% accuracy = pure profit!
      • Portfolio to invest in.
      • NEW Introduction to algorithm trading.
      • NEW Comprehensive Risk Analysis - critical for beginners;
      • Proprietary investment rules applied in the most complex scenarios where everyone else fails.
      • Real-time trading
      • Collaboration & quizzes
      • Which Technical Indicators to Use
      • Positive & Negative Divergences
      • Suggested reading

      Additional notes

      Do you wish to become a professional investor in the financial markets? You need this course.

      Looking for demos, trial, or help?

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