AI Technical Analysis

AI Technical Analysis and Introduction to Algorithm Trading comprehends 1-year access to an educational program for investors in the stock market unique in the investment industry.

This e-course is the most popular non-AI plan for small investors. 

The autonomous platform injects AI data in the best apps in the industry making it available anywhere, anytime to investors worldwide in any language.

    What small investors have to say

    Guaranteed return on investment for those investing 5% of their time only to several millions of dollars investing in companies like Amazon, Netflix, or Netapp.



    • learn how do trade in the markets on your own;
    • perfect for part-time investors;
    • perfect for any account size;
    • perfect for investors without any experience;
    • valid for any financial asset: stocks, ETF's, forex, cryptocurrencies; 
    • for mid to long-term investors;
    • an insight worth forever regardless of market conditions;
    • RENEWAL price 60% entitles to BOT 1 plus courses updates.

    What do you get

    • The newly revised version of the famous course on Real-time Technical Analysis (RTA);
    • Introduction to Algorithm Trading;
    • Comprehensive Risk Analysis using TA;
    • it includes a portfolio to invest in;
    • Investment lessons recorded live addressing the most important global leading companies like Tesla, Facebook and many more;
    • All features included in trading bot 1
    • 100% accurate AI trade alerts on video including full instructions.

      Do you wish to invest in companies like Tesla, or Facebook but you are not willing to enroll in a dedicated artificially intelligent trading plan? No worries, now you can in Trading BOT 10.

      Why take the course?

      • running on the world's best e-learning platform 
      • the author is a market legend
      • simplicity
      • based on real investing scenarios addressed by the author today!
      • the only course in the industry that's proven to work - everything else is ordinary.

      What does it include?

      • Real-time market call demonstrating 100% accuracy = pure profit!
      • Portfolio to invest in.
      • NEW Introduction to algorithm trading.
      • NEW Comprehensive Risk Analysis - critical for beginners;
      • Proprietary investment rules applied in the most complex scenarios where everyone else fails.
      • Real-time trading
      • Collaboration & quizzes
      • Which Technical Indicators to Use
      • Positive & Negative Divergences
      • Suggested reading
      • and much more...

      Additional notes

      This program does not include access to AI trade alerts on the smartsheet app, however, it does include AI trade alerts available in real-time in the video lessons. It also does not include access to AI data only available in AI plans.

      The e-course is the newly revised version of the former famous RTA which included a portfolio for subscribers to make millions of dollars in the stock market - a proven fact.

      Do you wish to become a professional investor in the financial markets? You need this course. 

      Knowledge Bases

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