Platinum Membership

As a Platinum member you are immediately saving ten of thousands of dollars short-term plus getting access to expert support for a low annual fee. Firstly, start saving 20% on your first purchase for any plan. Thereafter, continue saving for a lifetime. Platinum membership includes free pass to one of most valuable customers' features: Slack bot reporting and feedback. Users can use this membership to acquire benefits towards professional plans unlike the gold membership

Platinum membership



Coupon 20% OFF any plan
Bot reporting & feedback Y
Upgrades  Full credit 90 days
Renewals Special price
Updates Free
Lifetime pricing Y
Professional investors Y
Small investors  Y
First in line Y
AI forecast saving up to 50%


* Full credit is available for upgrades within the first 90 days.


  • Guaranteed satisfaction deal;
  • TOP bot report and feedback - 100% free.
  • Best pricing on AI bot plans;
  • Lifetime fixed pricing;
  • First in line to get best deals and new products;
  • Save up to 50% on AI forecasts;

Example 1💯 you subscribed to plan A for $40,000, the new price is $68,000. You are saving $28,000 each year plus access to the rest of plan benefits. 

Example 2💯 bot reporting and feedback is one of the features customers value the most. Learn how it helped Carlos making $255,000 in four months. More information how does it work in the free app.


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