Platinum Membership

Now, you can save tens of thousands of dollars guaranteed as an Intuitive Code platinum member. The annual option includes immediate access to benefits plus an extra!

How to take advantage of your platinum membership?

    1. You are eligible for ALL benefits as soon as you complete 6 consecutive months of platinum membership, or
    2. You can purchase the annual plan to get all benefits today;
    3. Some items are unlocked with monthly subscriptions.


  • Guaranteed satisfaction deal;
  • NEW watch videos for the platinum membership;
  • Choose between monthly and annual payment option;
  • Access to Autonomous Trading on Slack for support & sales;
  • Access to best pricing on AI bot plans (AI BOT6, AI BOT5, AI BOT3);
  • Up to 65% off on cryptocurrencies and forex for AI bot users;
  • Access to the best renewal rate for AI bot plans;
  • Access to a custom offer from the CEO;
  • Guarantee of no pricing increase on new AI bot versions;
  • Up to 50% off on add-ons (live streaming, audio streaming; Tesla trading);
  • Get first-hand online priority getting access to new VOD content;
  • Know in advance the VOD title and introduction before actual purchase;
  • Save up to 70% on new VOD items;
  • Get VOD items 100% free;
  • Pay plan fees by credit card or bank transfer.

NEW Customer portal plus a vast array of investing lessons - example 

Everything Tesla Investors Need to Know from Fraud Class Action to Going Private


  • Not allowed to subscribe to the platinum membership monthly plan in the last six months before an existing service expiration date. Choose the annual option instead.
  • You cannot watch video items published outside your membership period except for annual subscription. 
  • Please contact us before placing an order.
  • Free annual platinum membership included for in AI TRADING BOT 3

Example 1💯 you subscribed to AI BOT5 for $40,000, the new price is $68,000. You are saving $28,000 each year plus access to the rest of plan benefits. If you use savings to invest in VOD benefiting from the discount plan, you may end up making 1300% compared to the actual price paid.

It’s a guaranteed satisfaction deal since

  1. In the annual plan, you have immediate access to features only available in AI BOT 3 - new features coming;
  2. Plus the best price for your AI subscription, therefore initial savings are always far higher than the cost of platinum membership.
  3. Results - AI Trading Algorithm Predicts Biggest Wipeout in Market History 

Need help?

Visit the Help Centre before placing an order, or contact us. 

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