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Live Trading News App

10 Reviews

The Live Trading News App is being used by small investors and professionals alike to make absurd profits on momentum trading.  It includes exclusive market calls and stock picks not available elsewhere in the world from Intuitive Code legendary investment team. Take the example of Overstock 6,000% profit or Nikola stock crash, both available in the app! The new edition runs on an integrated platform including members' content, App, Mobile Trade Alerts, A.I Portfolio, A.I Ratings, Expert Support, and more. Apply for a trial today!

Perfect for Momentum Traders!

Focus on what is moving now. Perfect for momentum trading. Ludicrous profits. Earnings calls included. Track record log available. 

Stop Wasting Time and Money!

If you did not buy this app you missed 6,000% profit within five months, and this just in Overstock.com!

Perfect for Swing Trading!

We give you a list of the best stocks in REAL-TIME including ratings and even price targets announced LIVE! We help users letting profits run which is one of the biggest common issues among investors. Pull the trigger to start making serious money!

Perfect for Bulls & Bears!

We made the call on Overstock, and Tesla for bulls and the call on Nikola for short-sellers. No one else in the world did it!

Case study: The Truth Behind Kodak Stock Crash.

Memorable Return on Investment!

The app Includes multi-million dollar profit based on actual calls available in app log history, real-time trade alerts, earnings calls, portfolio for bull and bears.

The upcoming 2021 version will include a free crash course in investing. Grab your license today at the best price.

We recommend this app for those who do not have budget for A.I Premium and A.I Trading.Learn how you can win a Tesla Roadster Founders Edition following the legendary Tesla investor Alex Vieira.

How Did It Start?

In July 2019, Intuitive Code started a free project which ended one year later. Over 40,000 users joined since then. Learn about the new app release.

This is the app investors got information about the world's best portfolio for superior performance buying recommendations in Shopify, OKTA, PayPal, Overstock, Tesla, Apple, Twilio, Spotify, Lululemon, Peloton, Wayfair, DocuSign, Zoom Video, Zillow, or the very top in Nikola worth billions of dollars. Take the example of Overstock which rallied over 6,000%. within 4 months.

Not buying the live market news app when it came out was pretty much like not investing in Tesla near $179 when I forbade everyone regardless of their plan to stop selling short the stock upgrading to Strong Buy. Ask any user! Alex Vieira

Innovative Leader & Highly Satisfaction Level

The news app runs on a mobile platform named by Forrester as the most innovative leader. A stellar startup experience and strong features for mobile development, data design, application scaling, and documentation generation. Reference customers are highly satisfied with the product's mobile features, ease of use, support, and rate of innovation.

Free version

You can continue having access to the free live market feed here. Please, read the instructions in the documentation.

Paid version

Kindly note that we only sell a limited number of units per week.

The paid version requires an app to be installed to access paid categories which are no longer available in the free live market feed. You need a license to get access to:

  • Stock News
  • Biotech
  • Earnings
  • Forex
  • China
  • Politics
  • Tesla
  • Gold
  • Oil and Energy
  • Cryptocurrencies

Trade Alerts

  • The paid version includes live trade alerts and recommendations which you can read on the app browser or the mobile device browser by clicking on a link.
  • Eager to learn about return on investment? Watch the study including authentic live examples on this article.

Historical Log

  • Historical log available in the app since July 1, 2020

Compare our apps using collaborative visual whiteboards. Watch a video presentation to learn about what's included and how does it work.

Why to buy

We made the call on Overstock and Tesla for bulls and the call on Nikola for short-sellers. No one else in the world did it!

  • We named the best stocks to invest in and the best stocks to sell short beating everyone else.
  • Over 1,700 live news within a year - track record available - WYSIWYG
  • The truth about the pandemic.
  • How to profit from the pandemic.
  • Used by small investors but also professionals in Wall Street.
  • News linked to Blog articles including factual data for investors' guidance.
  • and more.

Get Rewards & Vouchers

Earn 3x points for each dollar spent when purchasing a license valid for one year. Learn more


  • You must have a registered account with us using the same email address from one of the following companies
    * Google
    * Dropbox
    * Box
    * Office365
    * Smartsheet
    * Salesforce
    * Apple
  • iOS and Android mobile device.

    Win a Tesla Roadster Founders Edition

    Alex Vieira offered the very top on Nikola to app users urging them to sell short the stock while investing in Tesla to win a Tesla Roadster 100% guaranteed. Furthermore, he includes his own mid-term price target helping users to leverage maximum profit without any risk.

    NEW! Integrated A.I Analysis Platform, Trade Alerts, App, Conversational Bot

    The new edition runs on a fully integrated platform including members' content, App, Mobile Trade Alerts, A.I Portfolio, A.I Ratings, Expert Support, Conversational bot, and much more.  Apply for a trial today!

    NEW!Crash Course in Investing available in 2021

    Intuitive Code is proud to announce the upcoming crash course will be available in 2021 available for purchases - any version - after August 9th, 2020.




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