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Live Trading App AI Risk Analysis Module

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Live Trading App AI Risk Analysis Module. Choose a fully scalable AI platform solution to trade in the markets developed by world trading experts. Stocks. ETF. Cryptocurrencies. Tesla. IPO's. 

A world-leading app enriched with our expertise, insight, and proprietary AI research and analysis.

This module includes information about BCS (best-case scenario), WCS (worst-case scenario), TS (trailing stop for long-term investment), charts, and Alex's live video commentary. We highly recommended this module for long-term investment, earnings calls, and high-volatile market conditions.

⚠️ This module is the most important. We do not sell it separately. AI risk analysis requires Live trading and AI data modules.


  • Goals
  • Worst-case scenario
  • Best-case scenario
  • Trailing stop
  • Alex's live video commentary
  • Coaching & training


Pricing is available on the site and in the app.


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Pricing for non-professionals only. Minimum pricing. The table does not reflect all available features. Sign for a trial. Price per stock varies depending on the total number of items in the portfolio. Choose between 2, 4, 6, and 8 items. Most popular option 4 items. The minimum order for 2 items. Pricing for modules valid for a one-year minimum contract. 


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