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Live Market News content has been used by small investors and professionals alike to make 6,000% profit following Alex Vieira's legendary forecasts on Boeing, Shopify, OKTA, Zoom, Peloton, DocuSign, Lululemon, Spotify, Twilio, PayPal, Overstock, Kodak, Apple, Tesla, and Nikola. Learn more by reading this article​. Live market news is only available to Gold members.

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  • Get the free live market feed here
  • The new version is available on mobile and desktop containing brief in-app commentary which can be filtered and sorted according to predefined categories.

    • Limited to 20 weekly news;
    • Diverse stocks and sectors;
    • Tesla news excluded;
    • News includes a brief commentary referring to factual data helping users to focus on what's moving.


    Kindly note the experience on the new version is far superior to the former. We recommend the desktop version to take full advantage of the platform.

    List of categories:

    • Stock news
    • Biotech
    • Earnings
    • Forex
    • China
    • Politics
    • Gold
    • Oil and Energy
    • Cryptocurrencies
  • We kindly offered to users of the Live Trading News (LTN) app version an exclusive portfolio (Nikola, Overstock, Kodak) to invest in including all major tops and bottoms, earnings calls, and 100% accurate consistent trade alerts, including Tesla.

    However, Alex's forecasts, earnings calls, and trade alerts were never part of the initial deal, therefore, new users shall look at the A.I trading bot plans for active trading and other features according to the features available on each plan.

    LTN app users will continue receiving news and instructions on Nikola, Kodak, and Overstock. Renewals are not acceptable.


Learn about the platform, features, modules, apps, and how you can scale.

We offer a detailed comparison of features for each plan divided into categories: Essentials, A.I Research and Analysis, A.I Bot, Education, Platform, Automation's, and Live streaming.

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  • Only available to Gold members.
  • You must have a registered account with us using the same email address from one of the following companies
    * Google
    * Dropbox
    * Box
    * Office365
    * Smartsheet
    * Salesforce
    * Apple
  • An iOS or Android mobile device.

We established a milestone in the industry being available 24x7 since 1989. We will be glad to hear from those who wish to make a difference.


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