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Become an Intuitive Code GOLD member and get exclusive benefits having access to the best pricing, lifetime deals, extended access to deals, full credit on upgrades, Trader Giveaway Pro, and much more. Learn about your membership perks.

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  • 100% of long-term (+5 years) customers are members.
  • Tens of thousands of dollars in savings!
  • Alex's free course on how to invest in December 2018 edition created millionaires investing in Chipotle and Apple.
  • A.I helps people with NO Experience Making $250,000 in Four months with $50k.

Black Friday for Members Only

Exclusive Black Friday Membership Perks

10% OFF PURCHASES. Fuel your addiction by saving even more on the already ridiculously low prices on the store! As a GOLD member, tell us what you would like to purchase and we send you a special quote with a discount applied. Kindly note some exclusions may apply such as purchases above $50,000.

Access to TRADER GIVEAWAY PRO. The best way to grow your knowledge while profiting in the markets without having to pay for courses or plans  — currently it includes access to allwebinars and conferences  pus discounts on Alex Vieira Surgical-grade forecasts and earnings.

EXCLUSIVE EXTENDED ACCESS TO DISCONTINUED PLANS. This is a must-have. We’re talking early access, late access, and more to select deals! Also, we’ll let you know as soon as new deals hit our site so you’re always ahead of the curve.


Let me give examples,

  • Did you miss the famous live market news app deal?
  • Did you miss the famous $5 per day plan used by small investors to become millionaires?
  • Did you miss the invaluable A.I Premium content?

As a member, you got them all.

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THE  EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM.Did you know only the first adopters got access to our most popular app,A.I Trading for iOS, making over $1 million. 

CUSTOM UPGRADES. We work with you on the best solution. You get full credit for 90 days.

Let me give you an example. You purchased A.I Trading bot, however,
you would like to upgrade to the superior Premium A.I Trading Bot, 70
days later. You just have to pay the difference while a standard user
cannot do it.

LIFETIME PRICING. Renew your plan for the same original price as long as you remain a member and the plan remains available. Furthermore, only gold members get access to lifetime pricing deals (LTD) and discounts on Alex Vieira VOD platform.

Exclusive Gold Member

Best Pricing

10% OFF
Upgrades  Full credit 90 days
Renewals Same Price

Updates Free
Lifetime pricing deals

Same renewal price

Early Access Program 

Extended Access Y

Trader Giveaway Pro



Example 1👍 You bought plan A for $7,000, the new price is $17,000. You are saving $10,000 each year plus access to new features and extra plan benefits.

Example 2💯 You bought plan B for $24,000, the new price is $39,000. You are saving $15,000 each year plus access to new content on courses and the rest of the plan benefits.

Example 3💯 John subscribed to bull & bear in 2016 for $1,500 year. Today, he continues paying $1,500, but now he gets A.I Trading Bot worth $10,000 yearly!!

The gold membership cannot be used to acquire benefits for professional plans. The membership cannot be purchased before a plan is about to renew.

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