Autonomous Trading Affiliate

Make serious money while helping others like you! The best for you and to your clients.

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The biggest benefit, other than money, is the possibility of helping others. The fact that we changed the life of so many is a very rewarding experience. 

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1. Commission size.  

What really matters is not the percentage, but the final value.  I can give you 70% of $20, or 20% of $10,000. Which do you prefer? Obviously, the latter. 

2. Rewards for Results! See You in Dubai!

We were not joking when we offered $50,000 to Amazon and NVIDIA investors.  Not only I was offering them $50,000 as well as all the profits as an investor from the date of publication of the article.

3. Honest & Reliable 

I am not an expert in affiliate marketing. I don't even want to know about it, and this is not a promise - it is a fact - with us, you will always get paid in time.

4. Sell Credibility & Results 

I have never been an affiliate for anything in my life. Honestly, I dislike the idea because I know lots of people and companies use affiliate programs to generate web traffic, fake reviews and so on.

5. Changing People Lives

I am certain you are familiar with my projects helping others generating a vast sum of profits using the AI algorithm to trade in the markets, but also sharing those famous stock picks with you. The most recent project involving the help of  Mexico earthquake victims is disclosed in the Blog, for anyone interested in participating. 

A great percentage of profits coming from this affiliate project will be used for helping others, therefore you will be explicitly doing it. Alex


  • Easy to use;
  • Personalized affiliate portal;
  • Commission & payment visibility;
  • Chat, audio and video for support;
  • On-boarding including scheduled events;


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