AI AUTONOMOUS ROBOTIC TRADING known as artificially intelligent autonomous trading algorithm includes Perelman algorithm trade signals, the most advanced and accurate automated trading in the financial markets which has recently predicted

One AI TRADE LEVEL 1 signall can be worth billions of dollars.


  • autonomous;
  • switch between autonomous and manual mode;
  • the manual version is available for those who wish to remain in control;
  • no emotions, no errors, no mistakes.

AI AUTONOMOUS ROBOTIC TRADING is not about the number of available trade signals, but its quality, timing, and accuracy.

Features in manual mode

Features in autonomous mode

Optionally available the new autonomous pack including consulting, training & implementation.

  • Not available to financial institutions;
  • New autonomous robotic trading;
  • New automated trading - human intervention optional;
  • New alexa voice integration;
  • remote control & support



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