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Alex's Book of Trading Secrets

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Alex's Book of Trading Secrets - Wall Street Games Unveiled.  Alex Vieira goes live every week teaching you about the markets unveiling secrets no one else can. Become a multi-millionaire while learning the truth about Wall Street. Stop losing money by trusting fake news and fraudsters

Would you not like to bet everything in Tesla against the SEC and people who are paid to deliberately defraud you? This is just a topic among hundreds that Alex discussed in his sessions. 

Did you follow Warren Buffett's article on Business Insider about Tesla? What about Warren Buffett on Bitcoin value?

Did you believe in Wall Street fraud downgrading Tesla?

We know how you feel. You lost everything but don't be surprised. Alex warned you years ago. 

Web, desktop & app 

Alex Vieira integrated his proprietary technology, R&D, and AI data with a world-leading platform used by +200,000 teams including global leading companies like Google and Uber, therefore, you don't have to worry about continuous development, updates, and support. He partners with the best to offer you the best only.

Alex's R&D and AI data are available on any device. The app customers are invited to install received over 10,000 five star ratings. Welcome aboard and enjoy!

About the author

Alex has a Master of Science in Engineering from UMIST, in the United Kingdom, finishing with the highest distinction. They invited him for a Ph.D. at the Imperial College of London and Oxford. His field of study was programming and wave theory for stealth bombers. He started designing algorithms in 1989. He knew more about derivatives when he was 15 than any graduate. Alex destroyed every common belief in financial analysis such as Elliot wave, fundamental, and technical analysis, demonstrating that prices can actually be predicted with a high level of confidence. He extended his work to stocks, ETF's, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and Forex. Learn more about his work.

How does it work?

Buy a ticket.

How much does it cost?

It's $200 per session.

Can I choose the topic? 

Sometimes he runs a poll with different topics for people to vote for. 

When does it go live?

Normally, it goes live every week, but due to his busy schedule sometimes once per month. It has been on for too many years.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course, don't show up the next time. 


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