Autonomous Trading App 365

Join autonomous AI trading app 365 on Microsoft Teams collaborative app for investors and traders. Get acquainted with the benefits of using artificial intelligence to invest in the markets. Stocks, ETF's, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Trial, demos, tutorials, courses, and quizzes. Learn how AI trading has changed peoples lives. New version 8 Intuitive Code app 365 with smart app AI demo and courses.  


  • The APP 365 plan is for users with a genuine interest in upgrading to an AI plan. Full refund available during the first 7 days.
  • The new version 8 runs in the same apps as AI plans and memberships.
  • Courses will be available on the website.

Alternatively, you may use subscribe to the gold plan acquiring a standalone license.


View the presentation on version 8

  APP 365
Active users per team max. 25
Storage 1 TB
Microsoft Teams paid
Pricing Y
Knowledge Base Y
Roadmap Y
Best deals **
Schedule sales call Y
Access to store Y
How to use the app view demo Y
Get started with AI Y
Course on investors education Y
Find your plan Y
Smart app AI demo Y
Integrated apps Y
Priority support Y
Refund 7 days 100%


APP 365 is for one year.

** To learn more about special bundles it is mandatory to install the app.


  • Limited users per Microsoft terms of service.
  • Gmail account recommended. Learn more by watching the video
  • RISK-FREE 100% refund for 7 days.


Install the collaborative app to have access to free courses, demos, internal knowledge base, and much more. Alternatively, visit the video knowledge base and the Help Center.