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Join AI Vision Robotic Trading Division on Microsoft Teams collaborative app for investors and traders in stocks, ETF's, Forex, and commodities. Best stocks to invest in. Real-time trading, demos, AI forecasts, Courses, Collaboration, Quizzes. Learn how artificial intelligence has changed peoples lives. Watch AI Robotic Trading in action. No credit cards. No fees. Large profit guaranteed. 100% real-time accuracy.


Watch the presentation

  • Microsoft teams edition;
  • Chat;
  • Knowledge Base;
  • Podcasts;
  • E-learning with interactivity & quizzes.
  • AI Bot Course & demo - watch video
  • AI Apple Live Forecast;
  • AI Apple Live Earnings;
  • Apple Live Trading with a market legend; (4)
  • How to invest in the markets - watch video;
  • Investing - best stocks to buy 2019;
  • Course on how to use - watch presentation;
  • New features & roadmap;
  • Integrated apps;
  • Curated articles;
  • NEW Collaboration - watch the video

Take advantage while it is free! View introductory video


Active users max. 150 20,653
Storage 2 GB 2T
Teams* 1 unlimited
Chat Y Y
Knowledge Base Y Y
E-learning Y Y
Recorded meetings - Y
Scheduled meetings - Y
Courses view demo 3 continuous
Video portals view demo - Y
Live trading (4) Apple (4) Y **
AI Apple forecast (4) 1 continuous **
AI Apple earnings (4) 2 continuous **
AI data demo live
Integrated apps limited full
Podcasts limited continuous
Users collaboration view the video Y -


* teams for each stock, ETF's, cryptocurrency, Forex currency pair, commodity.

** requires AI enabled license.

(4) it is included in the free course on how to invest in the markets. Alex has never failed an Apple price forecast in history. Large Profit Guaranteed!


  • Version 1.8 released.
  • Insecure email addresses not accepted such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo.
  • Limited number of users per Microsoft TOS.


Please visit the Help Center.

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