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Join AI Vision Robotic Trading Division on Microsoft Teams collaborative app for investors and traders. Learn how people have been using Intuitive Code free apps to make millions of dollars in the markets. Stocks, ETF's, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Demos, Courses, Collaboration, Quizzes. Learn how artificial intelligence has changed peoples lives. Watch AI Robotic Trading in action. No credit cards. No Ads. No Fees. 100% real-time accuracy.

Due to a large number of requests it may take some time to approve your order.


Watch the presentation

  • Chat support 24x7;
  • Integrated apps;
  • Curated articles;
  • E-learning with interactivity & quizzes.
  • AI Bot Course & demo - watch video
  • Course on how to use - watch presentation;
  • New features & roadmap;
  • Find your plan & pricing;
  • COUPON - conditions apply;
  • NEW Knowledge Base;
  • NEW Alex's booking in-app;
  • PRO VERSION Live trading - available in course;
  • PRO VERSION Alex's new investment ideas
  • PRO VERSION How to invest in the markets - watch video;
  • PRO VERSION Best stocks to invest in 2019.


Active users per team max. 99 max. 15
Duration 30 days 1 year
Storage 2 GB 1 TB
Free Teams (1) 1 -
Coupon (2)
- 15%
Promotions (4)
Chat support 24x7 Y Y
New & Roadmap Y Y
Knowledge Base Y Y
Alex's booking 15 m (3) Y
Course How to Use view demo Y Y
Welcome to AI & demos Y Y
Find your plan Y Y
Pricing Y Y
Audio & video - Y
Recorded meetings - Y
Scheduled meetings - Y
Video portals view demo -
Free course how to invest - Y
Best stocks to invest - Y
Live trading - -
AI data demo demo
Integrated apps limited Y
Alex's new investment ideas - Y
Alex's app messaging - Y


(1) Paid teams available for Stocks, ETF's, Forex and Oil.

(2) Conditions apply.

(3) 15 minutes free time. Additional time at low cost temporarily.

(4) To learn about our current promotions it is mandatory to install the app. Intuitive Code no longer makes public announcements for promotional packages.


  • Mobile number verification required.
  • Anonymous orders is not acceptable.
  • Limited users per Microsoft TOS.
  • $99 per year after 30 days trial.
  • Any weird email address is not acceptable.
  • AOL, hotmail, yahoo, proton or similar email addresses not acceptable.


Please visit the Help Center. Watch how simple it is to order AI Vision

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