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Advanced A.I Trading App Course

The advanced A.I Trading app course is optional for A.I Trading app users. The course is available to learners on an e-learning platform teaching them the best strategies to make the best use of premium widgets such as A.I bot trading and A.I risk analysis. 

Kindly note that we also make available an introductory course.

Enroll in the advanced course to

  • Learn strategies discussed on multiple realtime use cases
  • Deep learning about A.I data analysis (SP, RP, TS, etc)
  • Learn about A.I Bot acronym strategies and live use cases.
  • Effective A.I Risk Analysis.
  • How to let profits run
  • How to use A.I data for earnings calls
  • Short vs. mid to long-term investment
  • One-on-one online session to help you getting started. 

Course materials & features

  • Videos
  • Mind-mapping
  • Course certificate
  • Real case scenarios
  • Interactive visual whiteboards
  • Advanced A.I Trading bot manual - interactive visual board
  • Messaging between instructor and learner.