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A.I Vision Professional VOD Workspace

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A.I Vision Professional VOD workspace is available on Intuitive Code new investor portal. Use the professional version to find and purchase Alex Vieira's highly accurate forecasts and earnings calls by using available apps and automatic views on the workspace. You can use it as a standalone platform for investors in the markets. Learn about the features including a comparison to other alternatives.

  • Please try the free version before purchasing the professional one for a low annual fee.
  • Watch a demo of the paid version including instructions. VOD content not included. Required in-app purchase.

Huge benefits

Please use the table to compare the experience buying from the VOD site versus buying on A.I Vision professional workspace.


Better pricing

Besides outstanding offers, you can benefit from custom pricing, save up to 50% on valuable content, and other alternative buying options not available on the site. For instance, save thousands of dollars
  • buying special packs
  • 50% OFF on invaluable market analysis
  • buying content for 1-year for a company of your choice including all updates versus buying individual items.

Workspace features

Must-have features

  • Sync
  • Apps

Multiple automatic views

  • Full library VOD catalog gallery view
  • Special calls gallery view
  • Company not disclosed gallery view
  • List of all VOD content
  • VOD content by category
  • VOD content by investment time-frame
  • Calendar view
  • Coming VOD content
  • Live VOD content
  • VOD content for limited-budget


  • VOD dashboard (1)
  • Sales dashboard (2)
  • Support dashboard (3)


  • Instructions on how to use (1)
  • Search workspace and per view (1)
  • Most recent VOD content (1)
  • List of companies and VOD content per ticker (1)
  • Video (2)
  • Order form buying from Alex (2)
  • Outstanding offers (2)
  • Alex support (3)

Investor Portal Benefits

Learn more about the investor portal

  • Automatic upgrade to Investor Portal member role instead of guest role. Investor portal members can have access to more than one workspace whereas guests have access to one only.
  • Investor portal support agent chat available - no bot filter.

Free for Gold Members

Are you a gold member? Congratulations! You've just got free access!

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