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Trial conditions

We want to make sure you have a rewarding experience while you’re exploring, evaluating, and purchasing Intuitive Code's products. We offer software and content trials subject to the conditions described here.

      We give you access to one or more of our products depending on your profile and status. Trials are divided into four different categories:

      • Content
      • App
      • Course
      • Platform


      We offer an unlimited trial of the content before a user makes a purchase. Content available for trial and evaluation is available on this site excluding the members' category for paying users only. The content is updated regularly. We do not require users to sign in to evaluate content.


      We offer a limited-time trial subject to the conditions and requirements.

      • The Live Trading News app trial will connect users to free and past published paid content categories. Mobile notifications enabled for testing purposes only.
      • We do not offer trial for other apps since they operate similarly.


      We offer a limited-time trial subject to the conditions and requirements.

      • The new edition runs on an integrated platform including members' content, app, mobile trade alerts, A.I Portfolio, A.I Ratings, A.I Analysis, Expert Support, Conversational bot, and much more.

      Course Trial

      • You can try the leading e-learning platform before purchasing a course from us.
      • The integrated platform trial comes with a free course on how to use.

      No In-app purchases & No Ads

      We do not use in-app purchases to unlock content or features luring users into buying from us or third-parties. We do not use Ads of any sort since it violates our privacy policy, and terms of service.

      Conditions for software trials

      Kindly note the following applies to software or app trials

      • A trial does not include access to live data.
      • A trial is limited to a maximum period of 14 days.
      • You are not billed for a trial and you will not be billed after it expires.
      • The app or platform available for trial it is not the same as in paid plans.
      • We are committed doing our best to exhibit the universe of features, however, some live features may be disabled or substituted by similar ones in a trial.
      • A trial may eventually contain data actually available in the live app, however, for A.I data analysis, values are substituted by dummy data.
      • The aesthetic of the trial app may differ from the actual app such as images and colors.
      • During a trial, we occasionally send mobile notifications to the user for trial purposes only. These real-time notifications do not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell, or engage in trading securities, or any other financial asset.
      • We strongly discourage the use of a trial to place actual trades in the markets since users have no access to expert support, regular updates, or a live feed. 
      • You may install the trial app on any operating system supported by the app.
      • Reviews are available to actual customers only to avoid scams ensuring legitimacy and integrity of existing reviews.
      • We are glad to receive your feedback during the trial period.
      • We do not offer trials for citizens of all countries since not all are eligible. List of blocked countries.  

      Support for software trials

      • You get a direct installation link or an invitation to register for the trial.
      • We offer tutorials, an in-app on-boarding, a free course for the platform trial, and phone support during the trial period.

      Technical Requirements

      Kindly note the following applies to software or app trials.

      • An internet connection.
      • A mobile device purchased after 2015 and updated.
      • You must have a registered free verified account. After creating an account you may complete the verification process here.
      • The registered email address of your account must match the email address from one of the following companies
        * Google
        * Dropbox
        * Box
        * Office365
        * Smartsheet
        * Salesforce
        * Apple
      • Acceptance to receive information from us or an official partner either by email, phone, mobile notification to ensure the user can install and use the app properly.

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