Artificial Intelligence Benefits

Learn how real people like you, small investors, have been consistently outperforming others including hedge and pension funds, whom individuals are used seeing as professionals. These results have been achieved by relying deeply on the use of artificial intelligence, automated trading, an excellent team behind the project, and our clients will to succeed. Furthermore, watch their interviews confirming up to 7-digit dollar profit figures.  

Literally, we have hundreds of reviews in our records for the past decades. Since it became common practice to deceive people using fake social media reviews and testimonials to leverage traffic, the company decided to publish interviews with common people demonstrating a level of excellence in results, and unmatched credibility, no one else is capable of duplicating. 


Watch the amazing stories of people recorded on live interviews. From people who were used to lose money trading in the markets to beginners without any experience.  People confirming unbelievable consistent results, immediate return on investment and unbeatable AI accuracy. 

Interviews carried out with real people like you are spread among Intuitive Code sites. None of the interviews was planned, prepared, or submitted for approval. 


  • No customer has ever received financial compensation to post a review or to make an interview which is uncommon practice in any industry. 
  • Intuitive Code policy is to make available reviews from, very small investors only, demonstrating that its services can be used by anyone. 
  • Wealthy investors can multiply the existing public results obtained by small investors by more than one thousand times to get a better perspective of the actual average return obtained by a relatively large investor. 
  • Intuitive Code store is very recent therefore the number of actual store reviews is limited. 
  • The majority of our clients are professionals who are unlikely to post reviews on the sites for obvious reasons. Most of them use the service for their own benefit, but also selling their own services to third-parties being often retail the final consumer.  
  • Most purchases are made offline, this fact also limits the number of store reviews, since Yoptco accounts for online purchases only which represents a small fraction of all sales. 
  • Partners sales and reviews are not included. 
  • Institutional sales are not included.
  • Intuitive Code has hundreds of past reviews during its long existence in the markets. Some can be found in the network of company sites. 
  • To differentiate us from others, it has been common practice throughout the company history to promote sharing users experience with non-subscribers either by phone, email, webinars or local meetings. 
  • These results were also possible due to the strong will and commitment from our users. Therefore, they shall not be representative of potential returns associated to you, as an unknown user.

Transparency in numbers

Intuitive Code has the largest number of case studies in the history of the financial markets disseminated in stocks, ETF's, forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

Learn about the success behind our very recent store on Shopify reaching sales of $1 million daily, more than one hundred thousand times the industry average.

We have been promoting and cultivating total transparency in official numbers and results for three decades. For this reason, the company also encourages mutual knowledge sharing among users while maintaining a strict code of ethics. 


Word from the CEO

The majority of individuals and companies offering advise are either incompetent, fraudulent, lack talent, charge unbelievable fees and have no track record. In the past thirty years, I’ve never been involved in a scandal, no one has ever accused me of lack of talent, complained about fees, and much less lousy performance. The reason is that I am the only one proving it live on the tape, therefore before evidence, no one can make wrong claims

Vieira, investment advisor of the decade