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Intuitive Code 

Intuitive Code creates in-house algorithms powered by artificial intelligence offering a web-based software platform based on market-leading apps integrating highly-accurate artificial intelligent data to trade (stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities and ETF's used by small and professionals investors.

Autonomous is an integrated AI software platform based on market-leading apps to invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, and ETF trading. You name it, it's there! 100% accurate trade signals confirmed by thousands of case studies during a period of thirty years, hundreds of reviews and interviews with investors all over the world. Based on the cloud and accessible from everywhere.

Subscription plans from $99/month. AI licenses (one-time-fee per year) also available. Unlimited free and paid trials. Full credit when upgrading to AI plans.

Artificially intelligent autonomous trading. Install the app, and start learning how to invest in the financial markets with a real market legend in any financial asset such as stocks, ETF, oil, gold, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

We offer what no else can do in the software and artificial intelligence industry. Small investors can maximize their performance trading in the markets, and professionals can substitute entire research and in-house trading departments extending their customer satisfaction with world-class solutions.

Intuitive Code is mainly focused on research and development. It offers services to certain individuals and companies in its sole discretion. Learn about us.


Subverting the investment world since 1989

The project, code X, started in 1989, today named Perelman algorithm in tribute to the Russian mathematician, Grigori Perelman who refused a Fields medal.

The team at Intuitive Code shares Einstein's and Perelman's conduct and principles. Namely, the fact that the only true source of knowledge is experience, and the only thing of real value is intuition.

Here, we state that real value as a result of a creative process derives from a profound interconnection between experience and intuition.

Since intuition is an extraordinary rare quality in human beings, most are unable to create anything having as their unique reference the society common beliefs.

We established our competitiveness learning how to think differently, educating and empowering our brain with natural skills, moving aside from the crowd, creating our own set of rules and principles based on true natural languages, mathematics, and intuition.

Thereafter, creativity assumes the primary role as an expression of intuition.

Our mission at Intuitive Code is to code the human nature while helping one evolving into a creative mind using artificial intelligence, experience, and intuition to obtain high consistent profits in the capital markets.

The Amazing Story Behind Shopify Success & 2000% Profit 

Intuitive Code opened its Shopify store in 2017. The team initiated coverage of Shopify (SHOP) shares as Strong Buy rating at a price of $19 issuing a price target $153. Intuitive Code offered to everyone placing orders on its store complimentary investment advise on Shopify since inception finally selling its stake at $153 announcing this extraordinary event in a real-time article posted to the company Blog as well as on its YouTube channel.

During this remarkable investment process, the company helped small investors and professionals alike to make millions of dollars investing in Shopify for free. We collected reviews and testimonials. Our close friends and family invested in Shopify as well. This is the real story behind this website and Shopify success demonstrating the enormous value of using artificial intelligence in the financial markets. 




Alex, CEO 

Alex Vieira

Intuitive Code, Julphar Towers, Al Nakheel, Ras Al Khaimah, 330076, UAE

US +1 (646) 553 3008    UAE +971 (56) 228 3946