Onboarding & Live Investors Academy

The new On-boarding & Live Investors Academy has been designed to help users maximize their productivity, performance and efficiency using our tools and investors' academy to achieve greatness investing in the markets. Learn how to invest with a market legend. Choose between the on-boarding and the academy option. The new version takes advantage of Microsoft Teams full features.

Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think. Einstein


  • Best pricing;
  • Free membership included;
  • Dramatically decrease learning curve;
  • The special On-boarding can change your life forever.
  • Learn how to invest with a market legend.
  • All-in-one app (e-learning; collaboration; support; live coaching)


    • NEW app on Microsoft Teams demo.
    • NEW Conferences & chat;
    • Demos and tutorials (1);
    • NEW Alex's Mini Traders' Course;
    • NEW AI course;
    • NEW Video portal - watch presentation
    • NEW Value investing course;
    • NEW Investors' Academy;
    • NEW Algorithms & flowcharts (earnings; stop losses; trailing stops, position sizing, etc)
    • Find your plan including flowcharts and profile;
    • NEW Gold membership included - beginners' version;
    • NEW Platinum membership $19,000 included - Academy version;

Comparing plans

Duration one year  one year
Best pricing Y Y
Tutorials Y Y
Mini-course Y -
AI course Y Y
Value investing - Y
Live Academy - Y
Algorithms & Flowcharts - Y
Membership gold platinum



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