Gold Membership

Autonomous Trading members get BOT 100% accurate trade signals on Microsoft Teams, a portfolio, a free course on how to invest and 500% return on investment. Upgrade anytime to a paid plan using profits. Enjoy a vast list of lifetime benefits for just $5 per day. Gold membership is the most affordable plan for tiny accounts.

The price of $5 per day is only valid for purchases made during the first 30 days of your free plan.

Features & benefits

We don't use booklets to generate leads. View the gold membership booklet.

  • Specially designed for tiny accounts - less than $8,000
  • Free course on how to invest - started in January 2019 - extra bonus
  • Best stocks to invest in 2019 - in the course;
  • Investing lessons;
  • 15% OFF on upgrades to small investors paid plans;
  • Lifetime fixed pricing on paid plans - save tens of thousands, examples 1 & 4
  • NEW 500% return on investment - based on actual data;
  • NEW real-time BOT 100% accurate notifications;
  • NEW access to notifications, lessons and trading history;
  • Alex new investment ideas - in the course;
  • Free updates on paid plans - huge savings on new versions, example 2
  • Change your plan within the first 90 days and get full credit - example 3
  • Access to App pro version - one-one Alex messaging
  • Two free AI Robotic Trading 100% accurate real-time trade signals - available in the course.

Gold membership



Coupon 15% OFF
Upgrades  Full credit 90 days
Renewals Special price
Updates Free
Lifetime pricing Y
Small investors Y
AI Vision app pro version coming
Microsoft Stream Y


* Full credit is available for upgrades within the first 90 days - refer to example 3 below.


Example 1👍 you subscribed to plan A for $7,000, the new price is $17,000. You are saving $10,000 each year plus access to new features and extra plan benefits.

Example 2💯 you subscribed to plan B for $24,000, the new price is $39,000. You are saving $15,000 each year plus access to new content on courses and the rest of plan benefits. Plus use savings to invest in discounted AI forecasts. It’s a guaranteed satisfaction deal.

Example 3💯 get full credit when upgrading from plan A to plan B within 90 days and same category. Example AI trading to AI Assisted Trading, or AI Assisted Trading to AI BOT.

Example 4💯 John subscribed to bull & bear in 2016 for $1,500 year. Today, he continues paying $1,500, but for AI Trading!!

The gold membership cannot be used to acquire benefits towards professional plans - compare to the platinum membership.


Install AI Vision collaborative free app to have access to courses, demos, knowledge base, and much more. Alternatively, visit the Help Center.

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