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Join Intuitive Code autonomous AI trading on Microsoft Teams collaborative app for investors and traders. Get acquainted with the benefits of using artificial intelligence to invest in the markets. Stocks, ETF's, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Trial, demos, courses, and quizzes. Learn how AI trading has changed peoples lives. Watch AI Robotic Trading in action. No credit cards. No Ads. No Fees.

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Access to the app and trial is intended for those who demonstrate having conditions to upgrade to one of the existing paid plans only. Alternatively, you may use Microsoft Teams app demo, or subscribe to the gold plan acquiring a standalone license.


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  • Install it on any device
  • Chat support 24x7;
  • Integrated apps;
  • Curated articles;
  • E-learning with interactivity & quizzes.
  • AI Bot Course & demo - watch video
  • Course on how to use - watch presentation;
  • Course on welcome to AI
  • Course on investors' education;
  • New features & roadmap;
  • Find your plan & pricing;
  • Best Deals - not available elsewhere;
  • New Knowledge Base;
  • GOLD version Schedule Alex meeting;
  • GOLD version Live trading;
  • GOLD version Alex's new investment ideas
  • GOLD version How to invest in the markets - watch video;
  • GOLD version Best stocks to invest in 2019.


Active users per team max. 99 max. 25
Storage 2 GB 1 TB
Free Teams 1 -
- 15%
Best deals **
Chat support 24x7 Y Y
New & Roadmap Y Y
Knowledge Base Y Y
Schedule sales call * Y
Schedule Alex meeting * Y
How to use the app view demo Y Y
Get started with AI Y Y
Course on investors' education Y Y
Find your plan Y Y
Pricing Y Y
Smart app AI demo * Y
Video portals view demo - -
Course on how to invest - Y
Best stocks to invest - Y
Live trading - Y
Bot notifications - Y
Integrated apps limited Y
Alex's new investment ideas - Y
Alex's app messaging - Y


* Only available to paying annual subscribers.

** To learn about our current promotions it is mandatory to install the app. Intuitive Code no longer makes public announcements for promotional packages.


  • Limited users per Microsoft terms of service.
  • A Gmail account required. Learn more by watching the video


Why do I see 0.01 on checkout? To prevent fraud and fake purchases orders are manually approved, however, no payment is required. We do not ask for credit card details.

Install the collaborative app to have access to free courses, demos, internal knowledge base, and much more. Alternatively, visit the video knowledge base and the Help Center.