Talk to Alex

TALK TO ALEX  for $99 includes access to a one-time special deal, tutorials, demos, find your plan, and much more helping you get started before paying for an AI trading plan. Non-recurring charges. One-time fee. 

The autonomous platform injects AI data in the best apps in the industry making it available anywhere, anytime to investors worldwide in any language.


  • A.I forecast demo;
  • Non-AI and AI Bot trial;
  • One-time Special Deal;
  • Sales higher-priority;
  • Your best price is here;
  • Find the best plan for you;
  • Non-recurring charges; **
  • Use the best business apps of all time;
  • TALK TO ALEX may change your life forever.
  • Ideal for anyone before subscribing to a non-AI or AI paid plan; 
  • The monthly plan is free for non-Bot and AI Bot new subscribers only;
  • Dramatically accelerate the learning curve before subscribing to one of the existing courses or AI plans; 
  • 100% credit for the first month for those upgrading to an AI plan.


    • Public chat;
    • Best pricing ****
    • Demos* and tutorials;
    • Slack demo workspace and tutorials;
    • Complete Help Center & documentation;
    • Webinars ****
    • Find your best plan including flowcharts and profile;
    • Alex's private chat ****
    • Alex's 30-minute private conference ****

Comparing plans

   $99 annual
webinars -  Y
alex's private chat - Y
30-minute conference - Y
best quote - Y


TALK TO ALEX is subject to availability.

* AI demo uses non-live dummy data.

** non-recurring charge, i.e. one-time fee, alternatively purchase the annual plan which includes premium features.

*** subject to availability.

**** unlocked in the annual plan.


Visit the Help Centre before placing an order, or contact us. Reviews available here


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