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Mini-Course on Technical Analysis

Course on Technical Analysis that Works with the legendary investor Alex Vieira. Learn about simple and effective technical analysis. 1-year access available on an e-learning platform. The only course in the industry that's proven to work discussing real-case investment scenarios in real-time unlike others addressing the past.

Pre-order version 2021 to save 42%

  • A mini-course instead of 90 lessons as in previous versions.
  • Compilation of past lessons to make it more affordable to everyone.


      • Learn how do trade in the markets on your own;
      • Perfect for part-time investors;
      • For any account size;
      • For investors without any experience;
      • For mid to long-term investors;
      • Valuable insight and knowledge;
      • Simple, affordable, and practical.
      • Access to instructor support on private messaging.


        Do you wish to become a successful investor in the financial markets? You need this course. Guaranteed return on investment investing in companies such as Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, and many more.