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September 06, 2020 2 min read

Welcome to live trading news app trial. You find in the trial app, 33 news divided into different categories such as Stocks News, China, Earnings, Oil and Energy, Forex, Crypto currencies, and Tesla. These are categories for paying users, none of them are public anymore since July 1, 2020. Kindly note the date range for this trial set starts on 08.02.2019 finishing on 07.06.2020.

From 07.01.2020 onwards, content for paying categories is only available in the Live Trading News App.

The content available for the trial was chosen randomly.


You may wish to watch the tutorial on video or follow the steps

  • Install the app on your device
  • Open the app
  • Click on the hamburger menu
  • Click on 'ONBOARDING' - read the 6 steps
  • Click on 'SEARCH TERMS' on the menu to learn about pre-defined terms you may use when searching for information.
  • To search, click on ALERTS on the menu, then click on the loop icon, type the search term you are interested in. The app automatically filters the content, showing only the output. 
  • By clicking on ALERTS, you find a list of news published by descending order date of publication.
  • We assign a TITLE, CATEGORY, TICKER, and NOTES to each news.
  • Kindly note that you can read the details for each news on the app browser, however, if the news contains links to previous news or articles on the blog, you must use your default mobile browser to open it.
  • Kindly note the CALENDAR feature only works between the range 08.02.2019 finishing on 07.06.2020, therefore do not use it outside of this range and do not refer to it as a bug. There aren't any bugs.
  • Although you are given the period of the trial, it suffices to play with it for 10 minutes to comprehend how it works.


During the trial, you will receive a pre-defined number of mobile notifications for evaluation purposes only.


The app layout depends on the device you are using. Try it on iOS and Android. For iOS, you may try on the iPhone and iPad.


The app trial does not include a feedback button as the paying version. You may receive a phone call from our team on the first days asking whether you had any issues.


We have many +65-year-old users. Please be informed that it is possible to use the app on the desktop, however you have to request a special install link.


Trial conditions are available on the site.

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