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September 16, 2018 3 min read

In the past few months, Intuitive Code increased exponentially the quality of tools and resources available to investors worldwide. 

When Intuitive Code Blog soared to the most visited sites in the United States achieving the 320,000th place in the rank of all existing sites, the company made a decision according to its strategic long-term goals 

  • To continue maintaining a very low profile;
  • To continue maintaining the highest retain margin in any industry ever;
  • Very high standards of excellence before its customers; 
  • To respect our families while maintaining high-quality living standards.
  • To educate our customers, ourselves and to respect God's will. 

Therefore, the web traffic was diverted to new alternative sites.  The autonomous trading division is one of them. Furthermore, Intuitive Code stopped accepting registrations on its website. Hereafter, registrations are handled by the autonomous division.

Meanwhile, in the past few months, without the knowledge of the open investing community, Autonomous created the best Blog in the world for any investor. 

By doing so, our team continued sharing with professionals mission-critical information but without a significant exposure to incompetents. I invite you to take a look at the content available in the autonomous Blog -  investment plans, lessons, best companies to invest in, emerging markets, earnings call, price predictions, etc - absolutely fabulous. We're very proud.

High-quality content is what really matters.  

Today, we can say that within just months the results are beyond our best expectations and yours.

The following video available in this article is explicit!

How Alex Vieira Turned AMD, Nvidia, and Amazon into the Hottest Stocks on the Planet

Today, the broad picture is clear.

  1. Intuitive Code store is one of the most successful Shopify stores in traffic.
  2. More important, we are the only store that gives money to its customers!
  3. The number of reviews more than quadrupled to the point, Alex does not have time to listen to everyone willing to participate.
  4. Intuitive Code has made available on its store and website interviews with very small investors only guaranteeing the privacy of professionals. By doing so, it has been demonstrated that any small investor without any prior experience can achieve stellar results.  
  5. By showing the results obtained with small investors it is easy to perceive that a professional is doing what a small investor can do sometimes in less than one hour. 
  6. Notice the transparency of the data exhibited during the video. Other companies do not do it because they have nothing to show. 
  7. I am certain we are the number one store in revenue by a wide margin, but I cannot disclose the numbers :)
  8. Our customers, long-term investors in Shopify made a killing! Do you wish to know the real story? It is a well-worth reading.
  9. We have a lot of projects going on most of them remain confidential event to the vast majority of users. 

A world of appreciation to my colleagues and customers who have remained faithful to our principles. 

I have Alex's permission to link this real-time tweet because it is truly fabulous the extraordinary experience for us and clients long-term investors in Amazon from $77. 

We're certainly very proud of having Jason onboard and reviews from hundreds of people that have helped us to develop the best AI trading algorithms and courses for stock market investors.

Yous Truly,


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